The Meetric Pro membership is our paid plan in Meetric to unlock unlimited meetings, more features and additional history - just for the price of a coffee per month!

See how it compares to the default basic plan:



Meetric Pro 💎




Meeting notes**

5 meetings per week 🟡

Unlimited meetings 🟢

Agenda template

1 template 🟡

Unlimited templates 🟢

Search history

Last 90 days 🟡

Unlimited history 🟢

Meeting list history

2w before/after today 🟡

Unlimited history 🟢

Time machine history

5 meetings in 45 days 🟡

Unlimited history 🟢

Default to private notes

Not available 🔴

Available 🟢

To upgrade, go to your settings page in Meetric and click on 'Subscribe' to get redirected to our Stripe payment page.

If you'd like to get your team on Meetric Pro, so everyone gets the same benefits, just email me at with their email addresses and I'll send you a custom payment link.

**On the basic plan, you can write meeting notes in up to 5 new meetings per week. The limit resets on Sundays. If you signed in before Oct 13th, this doesn't impact you.

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