Meetric is designed to be used in collaboration with your fellow meeting guests -- which can include both colleagues and externals.

Because access to meeting notes is calendar-based, all you need to do for a meeting guest to join you on to send them the link to the Meetric sign-in page.

Upon signing in, colleagues will be able to see the shared notes from the meetings they are with you in, and the same is true of externals (any meeting guest on the calendar invite). Private notes can be used to keep things just to yourself.

If two or more people, signed in, access the same meeting in Meetric, then you can both collaborate in real-time on the notes - just like in Google Docs!

You can also collaborate in real-time on the notes without having to sign in if you use the shareable link.

There are several ways you can introduce your peers to Meetric:

  1. Send the notes via email (which you can do either before a meeting with the agenda/talking points, or afterwards with the notes/actions).

  2. Give them a shareable link to a particular meeting note.

  3. Or just direct them to our

All of these methods will allow them to sign up for their own account (although the first two options do not require it).

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