Meetric is designed for note-taking in meetings, and that means we make it as simple as possible to type notes without losing focus on the conversation.

The following keyboard shortcuts will help you touch-type your way to meeting success:



Create an action

[ ]

Assign an owner (or just mention a guest)


Select a due date

by + space

Assign to me


Due by today

by + space + enter


⌘ B or Ctrl B


⌘ U or Ctrl U


⌘ I or Ctrl I

Create hyperlink on text from scratch

select text then

⌘ K or Ctrl + K

Create hyperlink on text from copied link

select text then paste

⌘ V or Ctrl + V

Create bulleted list

- space

Create numbered list

1. space (or any other number)

Indent list


Outdent list (with text)

Shift + tab

Outdent list (no text) or finish list


Header 1

Ctrl + Shift + 1

Header 2

Ctrl + Shift + 2

Header 3

Ctrl + Shift + 3

The formatting bar allows you to do many (but not all) of the above as well.

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