If you ever find yourself asking; 'Why isn't my meeting showing?' then this article should help!

There are a number of reasons why a meeting you expect to be able to see in Meetric is not appearing. Here are the possible reasons.

  1. You are signed in with a different account - by default Meetric only displays meetings from the primary calendar of the account you signed in with. So if you have used your personal gmail account to sign in, the first time you will only see the primary calendar for that gmail account.

  2. You have not enabled the calendar in your profile - you CAN show other calendars that you are the owner or editor for, that are associated with your Google account, but need to toggle them on in your preferences.

  3. You have solo events hidden - events that have no guests (or no other guests apart from you), are classified by Meetric as 'solo' events. These might be time-blocks or reminders in your calendar, or could be actual meetings or events that for whatever reason, don't have other guests on the invite. Some third-party apps like Zoom for example, might create 'meetings' in your calendar as solo events. By default, we show these in your meeting list, but if you have toggled it off, that might explain why your meeting isn't showing in the meeting list. Note: searching for notes will ignore this filter preference (i.e. - even if you hide solo events from your meeting list, if you have notes on any solo events, they will come up in search results).

  4. You have all-day events hidden - like the above, we can also filter out all-day events, but the difference here is that the default setting is OFF. If you are looking for an all-day meeting, you will need to turn this filter ON.

  5. You are searching for a meeting that has no notes, but is outside the default 2 week range - by default, we show one month of meetings (2 weeks back, 2 weeks forward) for all your chosen calendar connections that match your preferences (solo and all-day filters). Any meetings beyond this range will not show in the meeting list. Search will only return meetings WITH notes.

  6. You are searching for a meeting that has notes, but is more than 3 months old - the search function will only display meetings with notes from the last 3 months. Notes from before this can still be viewed in related notes, linked from actions in the actions list, or accessed if you have the link in a email or elsewhere.

  7. You declined, deleted or have been removed from the meeting - if a meeting is no longer in your calendar, you won't see it in your meetings list.

Many of the above design decisions have been made to balance accessibility and performance, but if you have an issue with it, let us know!

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