We understand that many users will have more than one calendar for their work or even personal lives that they wish to use with Meetric.

Whilst Meetric is presently only accessible to users with a Google account (as at March 2021 -- be the first to know when Microsoft/Outlook calendars are supported), there is a way to view your non-primary calendars, including Outlook in Meetric, using Google.

Let's make it real simple! Any calendars which show in Google, can be synced with Meetric.

Then you can toggle ON the ones you want to see in your meeting list on Meetric. By default, when you first sign in, your primary calendar will be synced, and all others will default OFF. It doesn't matter if they are hidden/deselected in Google Calendar view -- you can still sync them in Meetric!

So then, you might be asking 'how do I add other calendars to my Google account. We're glad you asked! Here are some step-by-step guides for adding additional calendars:

Once you've successfully added a calendar to your Google calendar, you should be able to take notes in Meetric for meetings from those calendars.

If you don't have a Google calendar, and can't wait for our Outlook integration, try signing up for a Gmail account and following the above steps.

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