We know that when people need to take a note down, they often just reach for whichever app or paper is most accessible.

That's why we created the Meetric Chrome extension, so you can start taking notes at the click of a button --- in a place that actually makes sense -- Meetric!

Simply add the Meetric Chrome extension to your browser, and next time you load your Google Calendar or a Google Meet associated with your Meetric account, you will automatically see a Meetric icon, which links you directly to the meeting in Meetric --- allowing you to take notes in the right place in seconds.

In fact, you can open the side-panel on any chrome tab by clicking the Meetric logo in your extension list, allowing you to quickly find any notes or perhaps keep an eye on your todo list!

The extension only works with the Google Chrome browser. If you want to see a similar extension for your preferred browser let us know!

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