When you create an action, with an owner and due date, something wonderful happens -- Meetric recognises the frailty of human memory and helps with timely reminders!

Meetric action reminders

Some details:

  • A little bell appears beside the date, on any action where both an owner and a date are present.

  • By default, the alerts are turned on, but you can turn them off by clicking on them

  • Reminders are at an action-level. What this means is that each action from each meeting can trigger a reminder.

  • Reminders are only sent if turned on, and if the action is outstanding at the time of the planned send -- up to two days before an action is due. If a reminder has not already sent by the day before, or day of (because it was only created or modified to meet the criteria for sending later), then the reminder will send then. Also, reminders are only issued max once per action.

  • And we combine these reminders into a single daily summary email per owner. All their outstanding actions that have been flagged for reminders, from various meetings, will be combined into a single email.

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