Whether you're preparing, running or wrapping up a meeting in Meetric, you can share the information with others very easily.

Just click on the big blue button "Share" to open this window👇.

💡 Remember: for any meeting, meeting guests (=listed guests on the calendar event) can always access the meeting notes if they're signed in to Meetric, unless you write private notes.

In the Share window, you can choose using the dropdown to share:

  • the full notes: all the meeting notes.

  • the agenda items: just the agenda items within the meeting notes.

  • the page: the entire URL, just like a Google Doc.

Share the full notes / agenda items

You'll be able to toggle on/off multiple options:

  • Send via email: email the notes/agenda to the selected recipients (change them by clicking on the 'X recipients' link). Always available.

  • Send via Slack: slack the notes/agenda to a specific Slack channel. Available if you connected Slack and selected a channel.

  • Save to Notion: save a copy of the meeting notes as a new page in Notion. Available if you connected Notion.

Share the page

If you select and toggle on this option, anyone with the URL can access it and view/edit the meeting notes, just like when you share a Google Doc.

Remind to prepare

If you're in a recurring meeting, an extra options appears (see screenshot above) to turn on email meeting reminders: email a reminder to the selected recipients 22 hours before the next occurrence of this meeting.

Submit your selection

For each option discussed above, the toggle turned blue means it's "on" and will happen once you click the "Submit" button. It won't if the toggle is grey (off). So in the screenshot above, once you click Submit, the full notes will be emailed to 3 recipients AND they will also get an email reminder a day before the next meeting, to prepare for it!

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