One of the most powerful features of Meetric is the Time Machine, which leverages your calendar event information to link meetings with each other.

PS: The Time Machine will display up to 5 meetings that happened in the past 45 days. To get unlimited history, upgrade to Meetric Pro 💎.

The Time Machine section will show the past 'related' meetings to the active meeting you're on.

Related meetings in the Time Machine can be:

  1. Meetings that are recurring are automatically linked (regardless of changes to any other element -- i.e. - even if the meeting date, location or participants change -- heck even if the title changes, Meetric will treat these meetings as related.)

  2. Meetings with identical participants. In this way, even if you have an ad-hoc meeting --- Meetric will automatically bring up any notes from past times you met with that same group of people.

  3. Meetings with similar titles. So if you have two meetings for a specific project with a bunch of different people but the meetings have the same names (or very similar), it'll link them together.

The above is by default, but you can change these rules in your settings page:

PS: By default, meetings in the Time Machine show outstanding actions, so you can focus on what needs to be done. Meetings in the Time Machine where all actions are complete (or with no actions at all) will be minimised by default.

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