Most meetings exist to drive action, yet most forms of note-taking treat actions like any other note --- something to be reflected back on -- or for the very-disciplined -- copied into a separate task list or one's calendar.

With Meetric, it's all in the one place, as we bring actions to life by treating them like tasks in a task management tool:

  • An action is denoted by a checkbox. Check the box to mark it as complete. Pretty straightforward!

  • Assign an owner to make sure it gets done. You can tag multiple people in an action, but only the first one is designated as the accountable owner. Because when multiple people are accountable, no-one is accountable! Note that tagging someone does not automatically alert them.

  • Specify a due date where a deadline is important. One reason to do so...

  • Where an action has an owner and due date, Meetric can send a follow-up reminder, which is indicated by the little bell icon next to the date. Reminders are sent the day before an incomplete task is due, will only send once (per action) and will be combined with other action reminders where possible. Reminders are set at an action-level and sent by default, but to turn them off (or on again), simply hit the bell icon.

To create an action, simply:

  1. Click the checkbox button in the formatting bar, or type [ ] (open bracket, close bracket)

  2. Type your action detail (e.g. - 'Update TPS reports')

  3. Assign an owner by clicking the @ symbol or typing it, and then selecting from the participant list

  4. Optionally, specify a due date by clicking the calendar icon or typing 'by ' and selecting from the list, or a specific date. You can even just keep typing and Meetric will automatically recognise common date formats and language like 'by tomorrow', or 'by next Tuesday'.

  5. Later, mark an action as complete by checking the box in this same meeting, from a related meeting or from the Action List.

You will notice new actions get tallied up at the top of the active meeting. Click on it at the end of your meeting (or at any time really) to summarise just the actions from your meeting, hiding the notes.

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