Research shows that meetings where participants better empathise and relate to one another are more likely to be successful and productive. And as we all adjust to remote and hybrid workplaces, human connection is critically important. So why not take a few minutes at the start of your meeting with a fun icebreaker to put people in the right frame of mind, before launching into the nitty-gritty!

Meetric Icebreakers are super easy to use, require no prep (unless you want to give your guests some time to think before the meeting) and can be run in a matter of minutes. And best of all, they're a ton of fun! (I know from personal experience).

Simply click the Templates button, and either select one at random, or pick one that better suits you meeting type:

  • Choose between shorter (2-3 mins) and longer (5-10 mins) activities depending on the length of your meeting, and size of your group. Longer ones are probably best saved for meetings of 45 minutes of more.

  • Some icebreakers are better suited to in-person, others remote, but generally most can be done with either, or even a hybrid.

Got your own fun icebreaker you'd like to share? Hit me up with your ideas!

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