A great meeting starts with a well-thought-out agenda or talking points. It's common for people to set up a meeting in their calendar, weeks ahead of time, and not give the body of the event much love. With Meetric, any guest can collaborate on a meeting agenda and share it around with others.

Try the following flow as a host or guest:

  1. Open Meetric and navigate to an upcoming meeting you wish to prepare for.

  2. Write down your agenda/points you want to address in the meeting.

  3. When you think you've got a pretty decent looking agenda, click Send to share it via email with guests. Add a note to encourage them to collaborate on it through Meetric!

  4. Ta-da! When your meeting starts, you and your colleagues can take notes and actions directly under the relevant agenda points!

What about if you want to use the agenda already in the calendar event (in Google Calendar) or re-use an agenda from a past meeting? Introducing Snippets:

Snippets allow you to either:

  • Import the agenda coming from the calendar event into the meeting notes.

  • Import one of our existing best-practice agenda templates into the meeting notes.

  • Import your own custom template/snippet into the meeting notes.

About that last point: you can create and save a template/snippet of notes to re-use in future meetings. We built this to save you time if you have recurring meetings with the same agenda or some of the same notes.

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