Meetric is designed as a collaborative note-taking tool, meaning the notes for a particular meeting can easily be accessed and shared.

Q: I've just started using Meetric. Who can see my notes for this meeting?

A. There are 2 types of notes in Meetric: shared and private.

  • Shared notes are accessible by any meeting guest (listed as a guest in the calendar event) who's also signed in to Meetric.

  • Private notes are accessible by you only. Nobody else can access these notes.

By default, when you open a meeting in Meetric, you're looking at the Shared notes. To switch between the two, use the toggle on the top right of the screen - 'Guests' are for shared notes. 'Just me' are for private notes:

Q: Okay great, so to view/edit the shared notes, they need to sign in to Meetric?

A. Yes, and also be a meeting guest for that event.

There is another option: you can share the page - just like sharing a Google Doc 👇.

Q: How do I share the page?

A. Click the '+' icon beside the guest list to open the share modal: you can then make the page public to anyone with the link. Access can be set so that anyone with the link can view or fully edit the notes.

Once a page is set as public - the toggle (mentioned above) will show 'Public' instead of 'Guests' to show you that these notes are now public!

Note that access is limited to the Shared notes for that particular meeting. Private notes cannot be seen.

Share a page on Meetric

Q: How do I send the notes via email?

A. The notes can be sent at any time to guests (and others), by clicking the Send button at the bottom of the active meeting window. You can use this to share an agenda or talking points before the meeting, the notes at the end, or even an update on the actions later on.

You can do this for both shared and private notes.

Send notes via Meetric

Note that email recipients will see the notes in the email. They can also click on the link in the email to view the notes in Meetric (the link in the email is a 'magic' link that bypasses sign-in requirements).

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