Unlike traditional note-taking apps, Meetric actually aggregates and lists meeting actions in one place -- and not just your own, but for other meeting guests as well!

The Actions List can be found by clicking the tick in the navbar. It will automatically load all actions from your meetings. You can then slice and dice it in whatever way suits you:

  • Group by meeting, owner or just due date. When grouped by meeting, actions from the same meeting series will also be grouped together and you most recent ones (with actions) are shown on top. Grouping by owner, will list people in alphabetical order (by name if known, otherwise email). And grouping by due date makes it clear what's overdue, due today, tomorrow or later (and it also has a section for actions with no due date).

  • Filter just for your own actions or for others. And show or hide actions that are done.

  • Mark any action as complete by checking the box

  • Click on the meeting name to navigate to the meeting and edit the action in any way, or get the full context by viewing the notes

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