We built Meetric to be intentionally simple and straightforward. When you arrive on the page, your eyes will be drawn the the main white box at the top which is where you take your notes. But here are some helpful things to note.

  1. All your meeting details are conveniently located above your notes. Any changes in your calendar will automatically be reflected here. And why not spruce it up a little with a fitting emoji! 🔥⭐️🥇

  2. View the guests on the right-hand side -- the traffic lights indicating their response (Green - accepted, Amber - maybe, Red - decline, Grey - no response). And recognise fellow Meetric users by their profile pic (rather than the first two letters of their name). You can also tell who is online by the presence of a flashing green dot.

  3. Share the notes with additional users who aren't already in the meeting. You can copy a shareable link and allow users to edit or view only.

  4. Join the video call with the conference link at the top with one click. For in-person meetings, a pin will show -- click it to see the room/location.

  5. View the agenda for the meeting as it appears in the calendar event, or select from our best-practise agenda templates. You can copy an agenda into your notes with a click.

  6. Start the meeting off right with an Icebreaker. Whether for new faces or familiar ones, icebreakers are great for breaking tension and energising participants.

  7. A timer will show in the bottom right of the active meeting to keep you on track, with helpful warning messages when you hit half-way, and five minutes before the end.

  8. Take notes for your meeting as you would in a Google doc or any other note-taking app, but seize the power of Meetric when creating actions (click the checkbox). Also, you can collaborate in real-time; multiple guests can edit the notes at the same time, and see each other's cursor.

  9. Filter your notes to show only the actions, or expand for more detail.

  10. Related meeting notes (Time Machine) will automatically be shown below the active meeting, and you can quickly get a view of any outstanding actions, or dig deeper if required.

  11. Send your notes via email to your guests and others.

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