When you first login, you are directed to the Meeting List page.

Meetric Meeting List page

You'll pretty quickly recognise what you're seeing -- your upcoming meetings as pulled in from your calendar, in chronological order and focused on the current day. Some helpful navigation pointers:

  • Scroll up to see past meetings, and down to see future meetings. To quickly jump back to view the present day, just hit Next meeting.

  • For simplicity we just show meetings for the previous and following two weeks. For anything further in the past or future, just use the search bar.

  • Filter your meeting list if needed, to show solo events which we hide by default. We figure these are mainly reminders/time-blocks you set for yourself, but hey -- if you want to take notes in your awesome meeting for one, who are we to judge!

  • And if you ever need to jump right into your next meeting, just click the Meetric icon in the nav bar to start taking notes instantly!

If you prefer to see your meetings in a calendar view, you might want to try the Meetric Chrome Extension, which overlays on your Google Calendar so you can access a specific meeting in one click. The extension also works for Google Meet!

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