Meetric is a responsive web app, meaning it is accessible on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone) or browser (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc) -- all you need is an internet connection!

Simply navigate to to login with your Google account. (Support for Microsoft Office/Outlook accounts is coming soon.)

The first time you login, you will be asked for permission to view your calendar. This is required so that you can take notes in the context of your meetings. You cannot use Meetric without granting this permission, but rest assured that we take your privacy and security very seriously.

We recommend staying logged in, so that the next time you access Meetric on that browser/device, you can get right to it!

And we know that when you take notes in a meeting, you often just reach for the nearest notepad or text editing app (email draft anybody?), which is why we made it even easier to access the app in seconds. To takes notes for the active or next meeting, you can instantly load the page with these options:

  • Loading (Pro-tip: bookmark it!)

  • Using the Meetric Chrome Extension which allows access from your Google Calendar (click Take notes), Google Meet (click the Meetric icon inside your Google Meet) or ANY other web page in your browser (click the Meetric icon in your extension list, of the browser window)

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